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Vertigo Relief in McKinney and Albuquerque

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person with their head in their handsVertigo is a feeling of dizziness with a sensation of spinning. Additionally, people report a sensation that their world is moving. Unfortunately, it is a difficult problem to treat. However, there is hope with chiropractic care. Most importantly, we help without drugs or surgery!

One uncomfortable thing about vertigo is the feeling. Obviously, we feel better when we have control of our world. Vertigo is the opposite. Hence, a common description is like being on a ship in a rough ocean. Similarly, another complaint is feeling dizzy like you are drunk. Besides creating balance issues, this makes your daily activities difficult.

How Chiropractic Effectively Helps

Our balance is controlled by both our brain and our inner ears. The nerves that go to your inner ear exit from your brain stem. Therefore, the top bone in your neck protects this sensitive nerve tissue. We call this neckbone your atlas. Therefore, a misalignment in the top neck bone is related to this condition. In addition, when shifted, this bone puts stress and compression on the nerves going to your inner ear.

We are experts at finding and detecting spinal problems. Therefore, correcting the top neck bone’s alignment relieves vertigo. Additionally, chiropractic adjustments are an effective way to realign the upper spine. Hence, restoring nerve flow to your inner ear relieves that sensation of dizziness. We love patients reporting that the room has finally stopped spinning.

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