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Chiropractic Care

Adjusting patient's neckChiropractic is founded on the premise that your spinal bones protect your spinal cord and the nerves that run through it. If a bone or vertebra is out of alignment, the nearby nerves may be compressed, interfering with the normal function of your nervous system.

When your nervous system can’t function as it should, the result can be pain and other health issues. Our job is to detect those areas of spinal misalignment and precisely adjust them to restore proper alignment and eliminate nerve interference in the body. When your nervous system functions optimally, the rest of your body can function optimally—allowing you to live your best life!

Getting to the Root & Providing Customized Care

At Illumin8 Chiropractic, we customize care to each patient, depending on their unique needs and goals. We begin with a thorough examination, including state-of-the-art CLA INSiGHT® scans that help identify areas of nerve interference in the body.

Your customized care plan will focus on correcting the root cause of your symptoms. We conduct periodic re-scans to ensure you’re making progress. Many of our patients choose to continue with wellness care for the rest of their lives to stay their healthiest and keep doing all the things they love.

Activator adjustment

An Array of Techniques Tailored to Your Needs

All of our doctors in all of our locations offer a range of adjusting techniques that are tailored to your needs. These include:

  • Activator Methods®
  • Diversified
  • Thompson Drop
  • Webster Technique for our pregnant patients

Who We Help

We cater to patients of all ages and stages of life! Many people begin our care when they are suffering with one of the following conditions:

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